National Association of Shell Marketers Launches NASM Career Center Powered by YM Careers

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Lexington, KY – The National Association of Shell Marketers today announced the launch of the NASM Career Center, a new career center that connects job seekers with employers offering career opportunities. The NASM Career Center is powered by YM Careers, the leading provider of job websites and career centers for organizations that serve specialized members. “Providing NASM members the opportunity to recruit top talent is core to our mission to serve Shell-branded marketers and those that support them,” said Natasha Pitcock, Executive Director, NASM. “Our members are highly appealing to job seekers because of their relationship with the Shell brand. YM Careers’ technology and sales support will ensure that our website serves our members by providing a clear connection with job seekers that have the skills, expertise, certifications and training they are looking to recruit.” In addition to serving as a robust source of up to thousands of job opportunities, the NASM Career Center will be set apart by a number of benefits it offers to job seekers and employers, including:

• The ability for job seekers to post anonymous resumes, allowing them to be recruited while remaining in complete control over which employers view their complete information.

• A variety of options for employers to expose jobs to passive job-seeking personnel who do not visit job boards, including Job Flash emails to NASM’s registered job seekers.

• Integration of job content into social media channels to engage job seekers and provide valuable job exposure to NASM’s audiences and relevant users of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social channels.

• Extensive employment brand advertising opportunities for employers.

• A mobile-responsive environment to ensure job seekers have an optimal experience, regardless of device being used.

• The ability for job seekers to be alerted every time a new job becomes available that matches their personal goals and interests.

• Integration of career resources, training and other benefits offered by NASM to members.

• The ability for job seekers and employers to gain exposure throughout YM Careers’ network of nearly 2,500 niche Career Centers.

“The National Association of Shell Marketers is a world-class organization whose members are an integral part of the country’s gas and oil industry,” said Tristan Jordan, SVP and General Manager, Revenue Solutions. “The NASM Career Center is an innovative gateway that matches the right employers with the right talent to help keep Shell-branded marketers well-staffed, and job seekers’ careers moving along a professional path that meets their goals.”

For more information, please visit the NASM Career Center: Shell Marketer Jobs – National Association of Shell Marketers (

About the National Association of Shell Marketers

The National Association of Shell Marketers, Inc. (NASM) is a brand-specific trade association for companies that have wholesale supply contracts with Shell Oil, its licensees or its branded marketers. NASM provides Shell marketers with access to valuable legal services and educational programs; maintains a dialog with Shell on behalf of members; and engages in public policy advocacy on behalf of petroleum marketers by communicating with federal agencies, the U.S. Congress and other petroleum industry associations.

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