Choose Shell

Why do NASM marketers choose Shell?  Below are testimonials from our dedicated marketers explaining why they have tied their fortunes to the Shell brand.  

Shell is without peer in marketing and communications. We like Shell’s promotions, the station image, and their well-promoted credit cards. Shell just seems to stay a step ahead of the others in finding ways to attract and keep customers.
Greg Engelbart, Buckeye Energy Services LLC

After the purchase of Texaco by Chevron it became evident that Shell was serious about retaining as much of the Texaco business that it could.  We evaluated our options and the Shell offering was the best with the image upgrade incentive programs, potential credit card base and product supply points.  Initially we were concerned whether Shell could execute such a large re-brand effort but we quickly became confident that they had the means and strength to do it as the Shell signs started going up nationwide in an amazingly short period of time. Shell was the brand of choice and today we are pleased and proud to be a part of the Shell network.
Gary Garrison, Fred Garrison Oil Company

We have been Shell Marketer’s since starting out of our home with just a contract in 1972 and not a single site.  As we service over 50 facilities today, Shell has helped us grow our business with marketing programs and a strong credit card base and has been well received by the motoring public.  In recent years, Shell has been aggressive to set the standard that other oil companies follow, and we want to trust and believe they will maintain that mission for generations to come.
-Rex Gillis, Dutch Oil Company

At the time Chevron purchased Texaco, I had just finished a total branding upgrade of all my sites to the Star 21 image.  I checked out my options and after much agonizing, decided to trust Shell and brand Shell.  Shell promised to commit a huge amount of funds to help promote our business as well as programs each quarter that would build on each past quarter’s successes.  Shell has totally followed through with their promise.  A large part of my decision to brand Shell started with wanting to remain a NASM member.  NASM has always been there for me, helping to provide common sense guidance, help from the NASM legal team and an executive with NASM who always takes its members issues to heart.  After branding Shell I was given a Shell team who works for its marketers interests.  Today I am proud to say, “Yes, I am a Shell Wholesaler and a NASM member.”
– Lila Leathers, Leathers Enterprises

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