The National Association of Shell Marketers (NASM) is a trade association which represents the business interests of petroleum marketers that have wholesale contracts for the distribution and sale of Shell-branded products.  NASM provides a forum for members to communicate with each other.

The following principles govern NASM and contribute to the association’s ability to accomplish its mission to work with marketers to grow the Shell brand.

Organizational Independence

NASM believes independence is vital to unbiased representation on behalf of Shell marketers, and avoids real or perceived conflicts-of-interest.  NASM’s independence is made possible through the dedicated financial support of NASM members.

Public Communications

NASM communicates with its members primarily through email and its newsletter, @NASM.  NASM frequently makes its communications accessible to non-members so that they can remain informed as to the activities of the association.  Open communication to all Shell marketers on certain issues is necessary.


NASM publishes positions which reflect the collective thinking of NASM members.  Positions may be directed toward the U.S. Congress, federal regulatory agencies, Shell and others.  NASM’s positions are made available to the public via @NASM and the NASM website.  The announcement of NASM positions may be in response to legislative or regulatory actions, member feedback, legal or Shell contractual developments, policy changes by Shell or press coverage on industry trends and developments.

NASM Advocacy

NASM coordinates legislative and regulatory advocacy activities based on issues of importance to members.  NASM, Shell and the Shell Wholesale Council work together on legislative and regulatory issues when it is to the benefit of all parties to present a united front before lawmakers and regulatory officials.  These joint efforts have proved to be a valuable method for achieving public policy successes.

Member Dialogue

NASM supports open communication from members, and actively seeks member input.