NASM Strategic Plan 2020-2022


All Shell Marketers belong in NASM, the trusted organization to develop solutions to challenges and grow opportunities for ALL Shell Marketers through fostering mutually beneficial relationships among industry businesses.


NASM is dedicated to providing its marketer members – both large and small – with guidance to enhance their Shell-branded business by:

  • acting as a key conduit to Shell personnel and programs,
  • providing access to fellow marketer principals for timely knowledge and best practices sharing, and
  • providing legal expertise on contracts and current events in our ever-changing industry.


  • Deliver Value to members to enhance the Shell brand with the utmost Integrity
  • Collaborate with Shell personnel through continuous communication to foster synergy and teamwork
  • Provide our members Meaningful and Practical Information to help Navigate the Now
  • Arm our members with High Quality Programs and Services
  • Empower through Education to assist in street level execution
  • Safeguard members’ interests though Advocacy


Goal Area – NASM/Shell Relationship

Goal: Partner with Shell to determine the conditions that govern the NASM/Shell relationship to the benefit of the “regular” NASM members


  • Increase Shell’s value of NASM


  • Increase membership to strengthen NASM’s voice and value to Shell
  • Increase member attendance at NASM events, activities, calls, etc. to demonstrate NASM’s reach in representing the Shell marketer universe
  • Identify a common need/issue and collaborate with Shell on mutually beneficial solutions

 Goal Area – Education & Training

Goal: Provide training support for all levels of Shell distribution, from the marketer to the street, as follows:

  1. Dealer Level (Manager)
    1. Operator Support Structures
    2. Compliance Details and Deadlines
    3. MMP Assistance/Best Practices/ Ways and contacts to cure
  2. Compliance
    1. Food, tobacco
    2. Tank, pumps, safety, etc.
  3. Marketer Level
    1. Upcoming Shell programs, new products, industry trends
    2. Peer-to-Peer knowledge sharing


  • Expand website education and training offerings
  • Increase supplier-offered training
  • Serve as a conduit for useful tools and resources to respond to challenges of the day
  • Develop and enhance available platforms for information sharing among marketers


  • Provide testing/certifications for dealer and marketer operations on NASM website
    • Provide compliance information
  • Offer Associate Suppliers opportunities to train on their services
  • Recruit Gilbarco/Wayne/Verifone to provide marketer/dealer webinars
  • Identify training to be subsidized by co-op
  • Provide current information (with links) on the website about upcoming regulations
  • Enhance NASM Forum series
    • Continue to provide Shell experts on upcoming issues
  • Expand networking functions
    • Provide a platform of solution providers to help NASM members with daily operations

 Goal Area – Membership

Goal: Increase membership through enhanced value to Shell marketers and supplier members by being the face of the Shell marketer


  • Increase education/technology advancements as value-adds to drive membership
  • Secure at least 2/3 of Shell marketers as NASM members
  • Make it easier to do business with Shell as a member benefit to attract new members, e.g.:
    • Mobile Pay
    • Work Jam
    • Cybera Box
    • Pump/pin pad issues
    • Group Purchases


  • Increase marketer membership to drive supplier interest
  • Communicate to nonmembers the value of NASM, e.g. at Shell, state and other association events
  • Use member testimonials to promote NASM
  • Publish a tip of the month/week
  • Enhance marketing efforts